Music, Development and Rehabilitation

Thursday 10 December 2020

Postponed: Thursday July 8, 2021

Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland

The effects of music training and experience on brain are well known in a number of domains. What is less known is how our brain plasticity, in sensitive periods of human life, is impacted by a musical experience. We are particularly sensitive to an environmental sensory exposure early in life or during adolescence or in case of rehabilitation needs. Which is the best moment for a musical intervention or training? Which are the mechanisms through which music acts? Human brain is experience expectant, and what is the music it is expecting?

The aim of our symposium is to illustrate role of music trhough evidence-based and high-quality research in three main domains: early care, human cognitive development, with specific emphasis to language and Rehabilitation. Experts in these domains will lead the symposium present their work and will be available to answer the participants’ questions. A number of public Music Showcases will conclude the symposium.






Façade Maisons des Océans
©Yves Malenfer

The Institut de Formation André Bullinger organizes
Scientific day dedicated to the work of André Bullinger

Sensorimotority today :
becoming of André Bullinger's thought

Friday November 20, 2020

Postponed: December 3, 2021

Location: Maisons des Océans, 195 rue Saint‑Jacques 75005 Paris

With the interventions of: Moïse Assouline, Pascal Aubrun, Ayala Borghini, Christian Burle, Evelyne Camaret, Raquel Cassel, Dorota Chadzynski, David Cohen, Nicolas Dattilesi, Pierre Delion, Geneviève Haag, Claire Jutard, Anja Kloeckner, Georges Lançon, Marie-Christine Laznik, Myrtha Martinet, Bernard Martino, Fanny Maso, Bernard Meurin, Eric Pernon, Marie-Françoise Petersen, Geneviève Petitpierre, Louis Vallée, Roger Vasseur

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